Fuel cell system – A big step for the environment

Green hydrogen offers us an ideal alternative to generating electricity and heat that is sustainable compared to fossil fuels. For this purpose, we have developed durable and highly efficient PEM fuel cell stacks.

Lightweight, compact design, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, and excellent corrosion resistance characterize our fuel cell systems. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications from automotive to mini CHP.

Our flexible and modular production enables us to manufacture systems in a wide range of performance classes. Thanks to our ever-growing know-how, we are able to produce high-precision and cost-effective stacks.

Fuel cell stack

The core of such fuel cell systems is the fuel cell stack. Many fuel cells are electrically connected in series to increase the usable voltage like batteries. A portfolio of such fuel cell stacks is offered by the company Aspens from Hannover. The product range includes stacks in various power classes between 5 and 100 kW. The stacks can in turn be interconnected to enable outputs far in excess of 100 kW. The stacks and their components are developed in Hanover and produced in the company’s own manufacturing facility.

Aspens use metallic bipolar plates. The advantages are significantly reduced weight and smaller sizes than comparable stacks with plates made of graphite. A 40 kW stack of the Tiger series achieves a volumetric and gravimetric power density of up to 3.9 kW/liter and 4.2 kW/kg. A special coating of the current-carrying components lowers the electrical contact resistance to a level comparable to gold. In addition, the coating provides the necessary corrosion protection to achieve a cell lifetime of up to 15,000 hours. The main advantage of metallic bipolar plates, however, is that they can be manufactured in large quantities using simple stamping processes. This makes it possible to make fuel cells competitive with diesel or gasoline technology in terms of manufacturing costs within just a few years. An important step for the energy transition.

Electrolyser system – The green era

To successfully move towards decarbonization, our innovative and durable electrolyser systems are indispensable.

In addition to our proven alkaline electrolyzers, we also offer PEM electrolyzers. Thanks to their unique technology, these systems are able to react to fluctuating energy feeds in a very short time. Here, regenerative energies such as wind power and photovoltaics can be used in an intelligent way.