We build the bridge for energy-efficient utilization of renewable energy using hydrogen

Seen short to medium-term, reliable regenerative and electricity-based energy must be made available in sufficient quantities for the electricity, heat, mobility and industry sectors. Here hydrogen is indispensable as a storage medium to compensate for fluctuations in energy production.

In order to utilize the precious and clean energy as efficiently as possible, the electricity, heat, and mobility sectors must be more intensively interlinked. Hydrogen represents the central connecting bridge for this meta-energy network. We have to achieve the transfer of energy with as little conversion loss as possible and fast reaction times.

By making effective use of all technical possibilities, Aspens achieves optimum utilization with its customized and tailor-made systems and hydrogen generation plants and enables maximum economic efficiency and optimized effectivity.

We accompany you from the determination of your energy requirements, the design of the hydrogen system, installation and initial commissioning right up until the end of the plant’s service life.

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