Hydrogen is what drives us

As a young and innovative company, we specialize in the areas of hydrogen research and application and provide cross-industry technologies, products, solutions, and services for the entire hydrogen energy industry chain. We are committed to making hydrogen available as an energy carrier and source for all, minimizing CO2 emissions, and making a positive contribution to environmental protection.

Rethinking energy

The hydrogen economy has the typical chicken-and-egg problem of any new technology.

To solve this problem, we offer not only fuel cells that generate heat and electricity, but also plants that produce green and high-purity hydrogen. We are the only supplier in northern Germany that can provide the entire hydrogen technology chain.

Our particular strength lies in our ability to utilize the regionally diverse energy resources available in each case and thus offer an optimal solution for our customers. Our customers come from the automotive, aviation, and marine industries worldwide, as well as from the energy sector and the semiconductor industry.