Fuel cell system – A big step for the environment

Green hydrogen offers us an ideal alternative to generating electricity and heat that is sustainable compared to fossil fuels. For this purpose, we have developed durable and highly efficient PEM fuel cell stacks.

Lightweight, compact design, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, and excellent corrosion resistance characterize our fuel cell systems. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications from automotive to mini CHP.

Our flexible and modular production enables us to manufacture systems in a wide range of performance classes. Thanks to our ever-growing know-how, we are able to produce high-precision and cost-effective stacks.

Fuel cell stack

Aspens develop and build durable fuel cell stacks from metallic bipolar plates, which are suitable for increasingly low-cost mass production of fuel cells, in particular, due to efficient forming technology. This is an important prerequisite for the widespread use of hydrogen technology.

The stacks of the new T series are available with nominal outputs of 5 kW, 11 kW, 22 kW, and 44 kW. However, thanks to a modular design, we can also realize systems with total rated outputs of up to 150 kW.

The use of metallic bipolar plates for the fuel cells of this series enables high current densities of over 2.5 A/cm². Our stacks thus achieve very good volumetric power densities of up to 3.9 kW/l.

Hypowerbank T-Series

Aspens has a special process technology that can mass-produce high-performance and affordable hydrogen fuel cell stacks. This means that the goal of an energy transition and a cleaner environment can be achieved more quickly.


Model T5 T11 T22 T44
Power 5 kW 11 kW 22 kW 44 kW
Protection class IP55
Anode gas Hydrogen, Quality > 3.7N
Sockets 4x 230 V SCHUKO
1x 230 V CEE, 16 A
4x 230 V CEE, 16 A
2x 400 V CEE, 16 A
4x 230 V CEE, 16 A
2x 400 V CEE, 16 A
2x 400 V CEE, 32 A
8x 230 V CEE, 16 A
4x 400 V CEE, 16 A
4x 400 V CEE, 32 A
54,5 x 62 x 57 cm In Development
Weight approx. 80 kg In Development
Ambient temperature 20 to +40 °C