Aspens GmbH is involved in a future-oriented and prestigious large-scale hydrogen production project in Hanover. Our company will build the electrolysis plant for the planned hydrogen production in the Herrenhausen sewage treatment plant! We are very pleased about this.

The Herrenhausen sewage treatment plant is currently getting new digestion towers: anyone driving along the Westschnellweg can easily see the large construction site. In addition to the new towers, the plant for the production of “green” hydrogen will probably also be built this year. At its heart will be our electrolysis plant. The electricity required for its operation from renewable energy sources will be generated in part by the sewage treatment plant itself in its new digestion towers.

This great model project will show that hydrogen technology is “suitable for everyday use” and that hydrogen can be produced ecologically and used sensibly on site. In our case, the idea is to run buses from the üstra and regiobus fleets on hydrogen.

Read more about our large electrolysis plant in Hannover in an article in the HAZ of March 2, 2021.

More information about our technology for the production of “green” hydrogen can be found here: Electrolysis Plants. – On the website Stadtentwässerung Hannover you can learn more about the history and work of the wastewater treatment plant in Herrenhausen.