From the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment comes this press release on the topic:

“Green hydrogen is one of the keys to a successful energy transition and consistent climate protection. As a state, we will continue to promote hydrogen technology as an absolute future technology for Lower Saxony,” said Lower Saxony’s Environment Minister Olaf Lies. The corresponding funding guideline has now been published for this purpose. The “Hydrogen Guideline” regulates the “granting of subsidies to promote pilot and demonstration projects in the hydrogen economy”. “We need to invest now. But due to the Corona crisis, there is a risk that companies will delay or even postpone the topic of hydrogen technology,” Lies said. “But that must not and should not happen under any circumstances. They must be put in a position to invest in hydrogen technology in a forward-looking way. For this reason, we will support pilot and demonstration projects with up to eight million euros each,” Lies said.

“Especially for Lower Saxony, the consistent expansion of renewable energies is a huge opportunity. The goal is clear: we need to reduce CO2 emissions quickly.This can only be achieved with the rapid expansion of wind energy at sea and on land, as well as photovoltaics. But we don’t need green power alone. To store and transport larger amounts of energy, green hydrogen from renewable electricity is a very crucial building block.” He said this is especially true for industry, but also for applications in the field of mobility or heat. “The example of Stahlwerke Salzgitter AG shows how great the demand for green hydrogen will become. Industry follows energy. And the energy location of the future is Lower Saxony. That’s why we want to seize the opportunities now with our funding and thus enable companies to get started. The future belongs to the north if we use the opportunities properly now,” Lies is convinced.

On the website of the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment you can also find more information about the “North German Hydrogen Strategy”: Green Hydrogen.